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Colorful Dining Room Table Makeover

One of my very first DIY projects I took on was a dining room table. Here I'll show you how I made over this wood table and gave it a colorful look.( This post contains affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission for purchases made through links in this post. The price of each item is the same for you whether you use the links or not. Using affiliate links helps me to maintain this website. You can read my full disclosure here)

Hey guys! Today I want to show you one of my first makeovers. Believe it or not I decided to tackle a table! Okay not literally, because that would hurt like the dickens or pecking chickens. It was a big project though. Especially for a beginner, so today I am going to tell you my story on why and how I did it. Let’s go!

The Reason Behind The Dining Room Table Makeover:

When Josh and I first got married we only had the furniture in my bedroom. Which consisted of a dorm room ikea couch and a small entertainment center for a old box television. Thankfully after our wedding we had been given some very generous gifts to furnish our new apartment. One of the items we were blessed with was a solid wood table from a couple in our church. It was nice to have somewhere to eat besides the couch.

After living there a few months Joshua left to go to school for 6 weeks to learn a crash course on Hydroponics. Leaving me and my growing pregnant belly behind. This was the first time we had our own place and I wanted to spend the 6 weeks he was gone to really make our place feel like home.

I decided to paint some of the furniture including the solid wood dining room table. At this time I was really into bright colors. It could have been because we were living in a very poor area of central phoenix and the apartment walls were grey and dreary so I tried to bring the sunshine inside. Since it was way too hot to enjoy outside, being 100 plus degrees and all.

One Of My First DIY Projects Was The Hardest

While Joshua was away my Grandpa who lived nearby would come pick me up (since Joshua had our only vehicle with him). My Grandpa would let me bring my projects over to his house and work on them in his yard. We hauled over the table and I got started on one of my very first DIY projects for our apartment.

The table was covered in contact paper that had a wood grain print on it. Yes a fake wood print contact paper over real wood grain. Immediately I removed the contact paper to find a layer of thick sticky residue. I researched what I could use to remove it and I tried good gone and mineral spirits.

Nothing really helped so I eventually decided to just sand it off. A lot of it gummed up up under the sandpaper but I would just toss it when it was gummed up and kept sanding. After about two days of sanding I got to the wood. HALLELUJAH! The 4 chairs that went with the table were easier to sand after using mineral spirits to take off the lacquer. Below is what the table and chairs finally looked like once nicely sanded down.

Contact Paper Does NOT Belong On A Table!

A lesson for anyone out there who thinks it’s a good idea to apply contact paper to a wood table: PLEASE DON’T! After I finally got all the glue off the table I was between staining it or just painting it. Since I had never stained anything before I decided to just paint it white and do a design on the top.

How to stencil a table with vinyl

After painting the table white and I made a vinyl stencil with my Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine NOTE: If you are an avid crafter, and don’t own one of these babies, you should consider purchasing one. There are so many projects you can do with it! Anyway, I just love them! I bought mine from Expressions Vinyl.

I used cheap white paint from Home Depot, and then used a more expensive clear coat on the top. However I don’t remember the exact brand, but the lovely people at home depot can recommend something that will be durable enough for everyday use.

My Table Makeover Inspiration:

Once the table was done I also painted each chair a different color. On our wedding registry I picked out this bright and happy plate set called “Happy Days” by Corelle.  So I got the bright idea to pick the kitchen colors from the plates that we had. Here is a photo of them at right.

Corelle plates are SUPER durable which is a big reason we bought this set. My mother in law has a set over 20 years old! She tells a story of how one flew out the window as she was driving and it didn’t break but bounced along the pavement!

After hearing that we had to put it on our wedding registry. We’ve had these plates for 4 years now and can attest to the durability of everyday use. They also come in other patterns as well as plain white if your interested in them. I have had mine for almost 5 years now and I can tell you the pattern hasn’t worn off. They clean easily and are just as beautiful as day one.

One of my very first DIY projects I took on was a dining room table. Here I'll show you how I made over this wood table and gave it a colorful look.
So that is how I decided to paint each chair a different color. I picked the colors from the plates and even though it was bold, I loved it how bright and cheery it was. It made me completely forget the fact I was super pregnant and this table makeover sparked the idea to makeover the entire apartment in the 6 weeks before my husband came home.

If you are wondering where I got the signs in the photos above, I made them. I had a sign business on Etsy the first year we were married and I made them with my silhouette cameo! See another great reason to buy that beautiful machine. They have a great bundle right here Expressions Vinyl Cameo 3 Bundle (Affiliate Link)

Expressions vinyl Cameo 3 Mega Bundle







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  1. This turned sooo good!! I love a good DIY, especially a thrift store find!! Also, idk who thought it was a good idea to put contact paper on wood though but I’m glad you were able to get it off!

  2. For being pregnant and working around a belly, you did amazing for doing all that work by yourself! I love the idea to paint each chair a different color, and your inspiration from those beautiful plates 🙂 great post!

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