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3 Year Anniversary Reflection

Sometimes you forget all tthe little things that brought you together. What life events led you to where you are now. Here's my 3rd Wedding Anniversary Reflection #marriedlife #wifelife

My husband Josh and I recently celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. We have been together for a total of 6 years. I was reflecting on the past and realized so much has happened in the six years since God brought this Loud and energetic optimist into my life. So I thought I would make a number list of the events that have led up to now.

1 First Date in Seattle that Changed Our Lives
1 Cold Camping Trip in Rainy 40* Weather
100 Trips On The $6 Round Trip Toll Bridge To See Me
1 Trip To Wisconsin To Meet His Parents
1 Order For Josh To Be Stationed In CA
1 Move From WA to AZ For Me
100+ 4 Hour Trips From CA to AZ To Visit Me
1 Skydiving Adventure
1 Hike Up Camelback Mountain
2 Marine Corps Ball Celebrations
1 7 Month Deployment To Afghanistan
1 Hot Air Balloon Proposal In Sedona
1 Church That We Could Finally Call Home
1 DD214
1 Wedding That Finally Came
6 Weeks Apart To Learn Hydroponics
1 First Gross Apt. On The Wrong Side Of Town
1 Handsome 9lbs Baby Boy Was Born
1 Long Year Newly Married Living With My Grandpa
6 Months of Josh Working Two Jobs 5am-11pm
6 Months Searching For The Right Home
1 Set Of Keys Unlocking That Door For Us
1 Handsome Little 7lbs Baby Boy Was Born
5 Big Home Projects We DIY-ed Together
1 Dog That Sheds “Glitter” In Our House
1 First Real Christmas in Our Own Home

One Amazed Woman Who Had No Idea What God Had In Store For Her!

Oh How Many Blessings He has Showered Down. Looking Back At The Valleys I See Now How He Was Using Those Situations.

Do You Do Something Special or Unique, To Celebrate Your Anniversary?


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