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Woman By Design™  is a place dedicated to encouraging and equipping women to pursue God’s design for their home and life. Being a woman by design is about acknowledging the position and role God has placed us in. We strive to seek out what it means to be a Godly woman, wife, mother, and homemaker. Our ultimate goal is to simply encourage you to be a Godly Woman. A Woman by His design.

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30


Woman By Design is more than a website or blog. It is a movement. A movement that encourages, equips and inspires young women to live for God and pursue His design for their home and their life. Through practical lessons, personal stories, and God-given insights we hope to cultivate a resource for the next generation of women.


  • Are you a young teenage woman living in her parent’s house, wondering if your purity is important? Do you often wonder what the purpose of your life is? Are you seeking God’s plan for your life?
  • Maybe you’re an engaged or recently newlywed woman needing guidance on maintaining your marriage. You don’t know what to expect after saying “I DO” and you want to start with the best foundation possible.
  • Or you may already be married and your patiently waiting for your first child. You may be facing issues conceiving and are seeking encouragement and guidance.
  • Perhaps you are pregnant with your first child or even a mother of many and you’re looking for tips to help balance it all.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you will find something that relates to you.


  • Biblical encouragement and inspiration for women
  • How to cultivate peace and contentment in the home and in life
  • Practical tips and advice for overwhelmed homemakers
  • How to balance motherhood and working from home
  • Tips for women looking to make an income online
  • Family activities and kids crafts to create lasting memories
  • DIY projects to turn your house into a home on a budget
  • Easy healthful recipes for getting food on the table fast
  • Honest product reviews (We only recommend what we would use)
  • Personal stories of our individual journies pursuing God’s will
  • Anything else that God lays on our hearts!


I (Katherine) am a wife and stay at home mama of three boys. I personally know the struggles of parenting while trying to maintain my house and marriage. There have been many times I wished Godly women would write about how they do it all, even if they are still figuring it out themselves. In my experience, the best advice comes from someone who has just left the spiritual battlefield we are entering. It is still fresh in their mind and the insights are invaluable.

After trying to find online resources for women based on God’s word, I realized something. There is SO much vain, useless, and detrimental information marketed and sold to women online. The majority of it sending the message that our role in our homes isn’t important and that satisfaction comes from work and acquiring things. It tells us we need the newest, hottest, and trendiest items. More than that, it is hard to find real answers based on truth to help us through these situations.

In 2014 after seeing a great need for a Christian lifestyle blog written by Godly women, I decided to create the blog I had been looking for. I have a sincere passion to inspire women to embrace their God-given role in their homes. Homemaking and womanhood is NOT dead, but the idea of it is considered “old school”. God’s desire for us as women is to serve him through the ministry of our church and home. Society is only as strong as the homes in which individuals come from. So my prayer is that we, as Christian women can stand up for this belief. So we can give a voice to those that have been told: “womanhood and homemaking is not important”.

In 2018 we brought on 2 talented contributors (meet them here) to write for the site. Each of these women have different experiences and diverse backgrounds. Our collective goal is to prayerfully work to create a resource site for the next generation of women. Our belief is that as women we can learn from each other, exchange ideas and gain wisdom. We all have something to teach and share.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, if you haven’t already. You can read more about me and my family below.



My husband Joshua and I have been married for 5 years and have 3 boys, Harland, Ephrome and Ambrose. It’s pretty crazy around our house with 3 kids under 4 years. Together we bought our first home in April of 2015 and reside in the extremely sunny city of Phoenix.

I love the Lord. I’m very thankful that He died on the cross for me. I’m grateful that I can easily come to Him anytime through prayer and that I can freely read my bible and understand His purpose for me in this world.

I truly enjoy going to church and my favorite part is our song service and hearing my church family sing praises to God together. My husband is the youth pastor at our church and we both enjoy working with the teens in our Sunday School Class and helping them grow spiritually.

 Since 2013 I have been a stay at home mom and have enjoyed managing our home and raising our boys. I adore my husband and believe God brought us together because I truly couldn’t have picked a better spouse for myself.

Some facts about me: I hate laundry, mayo, teething toddlers, Falafel (yuck) and changing diapers. I LOVE making lists, baking cookies, sewing my own clothes, painting ugly furniture and treasure hunting at my local thrift store. My favorite food is a toss up between Pad Thai and Hot Cheetos (if those count as food). I tend to listen to loud Italian music from the 40’s while I cook dinner.  I try to sing along even though I don’t speak the language.

If you’ve read this far….THANKS!

I appreciate you reading about why I started this website and a little about me and my family. Hopefully you found this interesting and made you want to be my digital friend. If you can relate to me as a homemaker, mother, do it yourself-er, a Child of God or all of the above! I would love to hear from you.

I love to meet new people and make new friends!

Come make my day by leaving a comment below and saying “hello”. I shared some facts about me, now it’s your turn to share three tidbits about YOU!

Don’t forget to follow me on social media, and let me know where you are so I can follow you back!

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