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Capturing Kitchens One Story At A Time

Capuring kitchens one story at a time- Taking back the table is a photo series by Brandi Hansen from BHansen Studios
You have got to check out this new series called “Taking Back The Table”. Its about capturing kitchens one story at a time.

“Taking Back The Table” is brand new series by my friend Brandi Hansen from BHansen Studios and is worth taking a look at. She’s more then an amazing photographer, wife and mom of five. She also happens to be a compelling storyteller.

She is capturing the love of family in the heart of the home – the kitchen.  She says “In this series I will introduce you to kitchens around the globe, and the families that fill them with magic. I’ve said it before in previous posts, the kitchen is where my heart is. I believe every kitchen has a story, and every story has an author.”

Her unique view point is inspiring. Like she said “every kitchen has a story”, and isn’t that true! Kitchens are where families spend a great deal of time. Washing, preparing and cooking food. Spending time helping each other to make the meal.  It really is the place where people gather and create memories which build a story.

Many families have quit this practice of passing on recipes and the joy of being in the kitchen to the next generation. I believe it’s important to teach our children how to cook and to enjoy the process of making your own meals. This is why I am so excited about this new series she started. It is bound to inspire more families to pick up the tradition of passing on the love of being in the kitchen together.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the kitchens and hearing the unique family stories that come with it. I feel honored to be the first post in her new series. It was a joy to work with Brandi. Her love for families and capturing the moment in time really shows. Her heart for kitchens and families is wonderful. She is on the break of something amazing! Please check out Brandi’s first post in the series “Taking Back the Table”. Where she featured our kitchen’s tale.

I hope you will head over to her post Taking Back The Table -Wandell Family Kitchen and take a look.



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  1. Aw I love this, what a super cute series that she is starting! People come up with the coolest ideas. The picture of your family in the kitchen is timeless!

  2. That is so cool. My husband and I are lucky that our kitchen is big. I find that at gatherings everybody seems to hangout in there even though we have the dinning room and living room. It really is the heart of the house.

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