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Free Printable!- 25 Questions For Married Couples On Date Night

Here is a free printable with 25 questions to open up the conversation on date night with your spouse.I know from personal experience it can be hard to open up the conversation and talk about our marriage.

It seems easy but most of the time couples will fall into everyday conversation mode. It’s the way we talk to each other after a long day at work or when there’s nothing new to say. So we recount the day’s activities and follow it up with an “I love you” hoping we’ve connected with our spouse on a deeper level.

Sadly this type of conversation does nothing for our spouse and ourselves. If we are to really connect and talk about our relationship and how we feel, we need to ask the important questions.

So I created a free printable of 25 date night questions that will get the conversation started in the right direction. These questions will help you both open up and share how your feeling. It’s designed to be fun and keep the conversation going about your relationship and love for each other.

This free printable was made for Christian married couples in mind, some of the questions include:

-What are 3 things I do that make you smile?
-In what ways do I show you that I love you?
-Do you see me growing more Godly as the years go on?
-Is there anything new you want to do together?
-Have I helped you become more mature spiritually?
-Is this everything you thought married life would be?
-What’s your favorite bible verse? Why that one?

  There are 25 questions total and it really is perfect for opening up the conversation on date night to talk about what’s important in your relationship!

You can download the  Date Night Questions Printable here, thanks for being a subscriber!


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