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10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Baby Name

10 Ways To Pick A Baby Name

Are you pregnant with your first or second baby? Maybe your not pregnant, but thinking about your future kids and daydreaming about that perfect baby name? Either way I am going to show you how to choose a name that you and your baby will love.

Here’s 10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Baby Name!

Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Here are some different ways to make sure you choose a baby name that is well thought out and will be a blessing to your child.

1. Make Sure The Name Is Something You Enjoy Saying.

Now this is way more important than you may think. I myself never realized how often I would be saying “Harland get down, Harland you need to stop, Harland come here.” You will be saying your child’s name or their nick name a lot because you want them to learn their name and you need to get their attention in a group.

Names that roll off your tongue easily and are fun or relaxing for you to say are what you should look for in a name. You don’t want to find yourself out of breath because your child has a 4 or 5 syllable name.

2. Figure Out Possible Nick Names Now.

Even if you don’t plan to use any nickname someone you know will find one. There is nothing worse than picking a lovely name like Helen and then your Aunt calls her “little Hell”. It’s good to know up front all the nick names so when someone calls your child one you won’t be shocked you didn’t know it existed.

My grandmother insisted on calling me Katie instead of Katherine and as a child I hated it. I loved my name and she didn’t like the nick name kit-kat that my parents picked out for me. So it’s helpful to look at all the possible nicknames and if there are any you don’t like tell family and friends upfront what you plan to call them or what you want them to call your child. There will always be the rogue grandma or aunt but this way they know what to expect.

3. Look Up The Name Meaning And Origin.

This is one of those things that I thought every parent did. I have met one too many parents who tell me their childs name and I ask them if they know what it means. Many times they look at the floor and say “ Yes but I never looked it up until after he was born”. You don’t have to be that parent! All it takes is a Google search to know what the baby name you’re considering means.

Here are a few names that you never would have guessed mean what they do:
-Portia is Latin and means Pig
-Kennedy Is Gaelic and means Deformed Head
-Mallory is French and means Unfortunate or Luckless
-Calvin is English and means Bald

After having two sons I truly believe babies live up to their names. Our oldest son Harland’s name means “From the land of strength” and he truly is a strong willed little boy. My Second son Ephrome’s name means “fruitful” or “doubly blessed” which we thought suited him, since he is our second son and all. His middle name Theodore means “God’s Gift” and he truly is God’s gift to me. He brings me much joy and he can always turn my frown upside down with his cheerful attitude.

Looking up the meaning of the baby name you’re considering may make you like the name even more! Or it can give you good reason to cross it off the list. Just remember it doesn’t hurt to give every name a quick search.

4. Check To See What Rhymes With The Name.

Everyone knows kids and even adults can be mean. I was very thankful to have a name that didn’t have anything that rhymed with it. I had one boy say in elementary “Katherine’s a Batherine” and as soon as he said it all the kids laughed at him and how he didn’t make sense. He tried to explain he meant I was a bathroom and gave up because no one was listening to him through the laughter.

Now unlike my name most names do have rhyming words to go with it. Some names like Cooper and Tucker have obvious rhymes and people still choose to use them and they may never get made fun of. We can’t help what the kids on the play ground will do but it gives peace of mind to just check the rhyming dictionary. Just to see what rhymes with the baby name you’re considering so you won’t be shocked later about what kids or adults may come up with.

5. Pick A Middle Name That Flows With The First Name.

Once you have your first name picked out start looking at what sounds good with it. You want the first name and middle name to flow together. A lot of parents in the past have chosen more common and socially acceptable names as first names, and the more different and unique names they gave as middle names. Now parents are breaking those “rules” and doing their own thing.

We decided to give our kids the different and uncommon names as first names and the old “heard that before” names that we liked as middle names. That way when they grow up if they don’t like our creative names (Harland and Ephrome) they can use their middle names (Mack and Theo).

Now picking a middle name can be fun, but don’t feel like you have to give your child a middle name. If your last name is abnormally long it can be easier on your child in the long run to just go with a first and last.

6. Check The Initials.

This is something that most parents actually do check but I feel is worth repeating. I have heard of people having initials like R.O.T, D.I.E, D.I.M, H.E.L and even L.O.L. I actually was going to name my second son Ephrome Walker Wandell. Then we realized that his initials would spell E.W.W and I just couldn’t get past it, so we picked a different middle name altogether.

7. Check The Popularity of The Name.

It may not matter to you if your child is the 4th Bella in her class, but your child may not like being called Bella C. or brown eyed Bella. I remember in elementary we had 3 Ashley’s in our class and some of the kids would refer to them as nice Ashley, mean Ashley and quiet Ashley. Can you imagine hearing a child say “oh that’s mean Ashley”?

You can’t always pick a baby name and guarantee that no other child will have it but you can use the top baby names list to check its popularity. It’s nice to know if the name you’re considering is already really popular and not as uncommon as you thought.

8. The First Child’s Name Sets The Tone For The Rest.

If you plan on having more kids think about the name you give your first. It may feel like your jumping the gun and you don’t want to plan that far but it’s important. When I was pregnant with my first I picked out a boy name and a girl name because we didn’t know the sex.

I’ve kept a list of every name I ever heard that I liked since I was 17. I still have that list and I add to it regularly. On that list I have twin names picked out for boy/boy, boy/girl or girl/girl combos. This list also has my next 4 girl names and my next two boy names picked out.

  As I was picking my first sons name out I discovered other baby names that sounded really good with his. I made sure to write those down in my list of complimentary sibling baby names. Picking names just because you like it is fine unless you give one child a name obviously superior to the other for example John, Henry, Robert and Elvis. The first three kids would wonder why their youngest brother had such an interesting name compared to theirs and wonder if he’s the favorite.

9. Consider Using A Theme For Your Names.

Many people who have more than one child choose to follow a theme. The Duggars for example have a theme of picking baby names that start with the letter J. I have seen this done tastefully before by other families and think it’s cool idea except for the fact you will be stuck to only those names starting with that letter.

Other themes include naming your children after places, bodies of water, family members, colors, flowers, countries and even movie characters (Twins named Anakin and Amidala anyone?). Some parents are choosing names that have the same syllables or sound. For example: Jonathan, Jeremy and Joshua.

My mom named us girls (Katherine, Victoria, Alexandria) after queens; the exception is my youngest sister Kristina whom my dad named. The theme I chose to use to go with is vintage boy names. Both of my sons names were not in the top 100 list in the 1890’s but were more popular during that time than any other time period. Part of the reason I choose that theme is because that is how I want to see my sons when they are older. The men from that time period I imagine as tall, dark, handsome and respectful toward women and chivalrous.

I want my own sons to open doors for ladies and be the perfect gentlemen who remember to use their manners. That is what those names bring to mind for me, the most popular names from that time period were names like Henry, William and George.

To find the names I chose, I scoured the uncommon names in the social security list of baby names from the 1890’s. That is how I found handsome names like Harland, Ephrome, Ambrose, Cornelius and Barnaby. A theme may or may not be for you but they sure are fun to consider and may spark a emotional connection like it did for me.

10. Say The Name Out Loud.

So I have actually met a man named Harry Butts, when I used to work as a receptionist. When I asked if that was really his name he laughed and said “yeah my dad had it worse because his name was Seymour.” Truly I felt embarrassed for that man. I asked why his grandmother had named his father that and he said “I guess she never really gave the name much thought”. I was bewildered!

Every child deserves a well thought out name with meaning. I honestly believe one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is their name. A name is something your child doesn’t choose for themselves. It’s your way of expressing your taste, thoughtfulness and your love for them throughout their lives.

When you are gone, they will remember you by it. So why not pick something that will add value to them and something they will treasure. Don’t make the mistake of picking something because it is trendy now. Choosing a baby name can be a struggle but when you find the perfect baby name for you, your family and new babe it will be worth the effort, I promise.

Now that you have ten ways to help you consider a name you won’t regret. Get out there and discover a wonderful name for your handsome boy or beautiful baby girl and Congratulations On Your Pregnancy!

I would love to hear your baby name!

Please leave a comment below, if you would be so kind as to share it with me.

Have you just found out your expecting? Are you stumped on baby names? Here's ten ways to pick a baby name that you wont regret and won't leave you second guessing. Give that baby a name she can be proud of! #babynames #pregnancy -
Have you just found out your expecting? Are you stumped on baby names? Here's ten ways to pick a baby name that you wont regret and won't leave you second guessing. Give that baby a name she can be proud of! #babynames #pregnancy -




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  1. Love this post! My hubby and I were very intentional about naming our son. We named him Judah Dakari. Judah means praise. Dakari means joyous and happy! We also have a theme. We want all the boys to have the same initials as my hubby (JDW) and if were ever blessed with little girls, we want them to have my initials (KVW)! Great post!

  2. These are great! I always thought it would be so much fun to pick baby names, but it was TOUGH when I actually had to do it! Took us forever to decide!

  3. What a great post! It’s easy to overlook some of the things on here! Definitely pinning this for later! The initials thing is important! That one seems easy to miss!

  4. You had me cracking up at Calvin meaning bald and Kennedy meaning deformed head LOL. My husband used to work as a Corpsman in the Navy and he had a patient named Orangejello. He pronounced it Or-On-juh-low….

  5. I like the idea of looking for the meaning of a name before giving it. My friend will soon have her first newborn and does not have a name for the baby yet. I will suggest her to try finding a site with names and meanings.

    1. Yes I agree! The Bible says in Proverbs 22:1 – “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” I hope she picks a lovely name for her new baby. Thanks for stopping by.

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