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Surprise! Wanted and Too Soon … I’m Pregnant? (Part Three)

(This is Part Three to Surprise! Wanted and Too Soon. Here you can read Part One and Part Two.)

After having our two sons Harland and Ephrome my husband and I decided we would try and wait before we had anymore children. Waiting for us meant we wouldn’t try to get pregnant like we did with our second.

surprise wanted and too soon 3 boyss

My husband and I decided early on not to use birth control methods. Personally I felt like we would be playing the role of God and that we might be altering the plan he has for our lives. We have always left it up to Him and believe that when he decides to bless us with another child we will put our trust and faith in his timing.  We know that he won’t give us anything we can’t handle. That being said, its not easy for me or my husband to trust the Lord with that aspect of our lives, but we do so faithfully.

I am a organizer, planner, perfectionist and type A personality by nature. Oh how I would love to plan out exactly when my kids would be born so that no birthday parties are close together and my kids are equally spaced in age. However I am trying to let God guide my life. If I don’t give over this important part then I am hindering what God has planned for me. His plan is always better then ours.  


 When my second son was eight months old I had been feeling nauseous every morning for about a week and when I had an increase in hunger I started to wonder what was wrong with me. Then I felt it, that feeling I knew all too well. There was magic and butterfly’s in my abdomen and I had only felt that feeling twice before. I told my husband I thought I was pregnant and he just gave me a wide eyed look and said “oh no”.

Maybe I was just crazy I thought to myself. But those butterfly’s and the fullness I felt could really only be one thing. So I took a pregnancy test, the last one in a pack of three. The same pack from which I also found out I was pregnant with my second.

I took the test and covered it with a tissue so I wouldn’t look until the time was up and I told my husband to look for me. He was scared to look so I pulled away the tissue and looked away so he had to be the first to look, and then I looked over and started to smile because I wasn’t crazy…. I was just pregnant.


We had put the boys to bed early that night when I took the test so we had an hour before our bedtime to talk about it. Both of us felt the same way, we were okay with having another child because we wanted another one eventually…but it was TOO SOON!

We felt that we already had our hands full and didn’t want three kids in diapers if our oldest was still having issues potty training. I was about to stop breast feeding my second child and was excited to start wearing my regular clothes again.

surprise wanted and too soon part three ultrasound

I had been content with life and how we had been getting along….and then we were thrown a curve-ball. As we talked we kept reminding each other that God knows best and this must be the right time for another child.

My husband feels that the reason we had kids young is because he knows his body and knees will go out as he gets older. He was in the military and had issues with them then and continues to have them now. He wants to be able to play and keep up with the boys as long as he can so he is grateful we had our kids while he can keep up.

surprise-wanted-too-soon-boys                       (We used this photo to tell our some of our family and friends we were pregnant.)

Its amazing how God changes your plans. As a mother I have learned that no matter what challenges come my way He is the one who strengthens me and gives me the wisdom to handle any situation that comes into my life. Every child is different and adds another layer of love to its family. I cant wait to meet my new little girl or boy. Its such a blessing when a family, no matter what size has another child.

surprise-wanted-too-soon-milk-family (My husband works at a local Dairy and told some of his co-workers this ^ was his milk family. A few of them thought the pint was our dog but most of them knew right away we were having another baby.)

This time around when we told family and friends we were pregnant the most common reaction was more of  “Oh Wow! Another? How many do you guys plan on having? instead of congratulations.

Its going to be rough and exhausting for my husband and I while our kids are young. At some point they are going to be able to take care of themselves and will be so close in age it will be like having triplets. I hope we will look back on the early years and wonder how we did it, and see that it was only possible with God as our guide.

This time around I am excited and nervous. I find myself wishing that my body would grow a third arm. I look forward to what this new chapter in our lives will hold.

What about you? How did you feel when you were pregnant with your 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife
"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife
"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife


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  1. Katherine,

    I really enjoyed your blog, its funny because i never would have thought of doing something like this myself but its a great idea. Reading about how your family reacted to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pregnancy was very similar to my families response. We have 3 kids ourselves all girls which lead to a lot of stress put on by family members for not producing a bouncing baby boy. My husband and I have no problems with our 3 girls we love them dearly and wouldnt change what God has blessed us with, but naturally we do want a biy as well. Since our three kids me and my husband have decided we will go until we get to 5 kids total to attempt the birth of a son but there are other reasons as well. My family was a big family that use to get together every holiday and it was amazing having Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents and seconds of almost all of those titles all together in one house. When my grandmother died every one seemed to seperate amd move away, I was very sad about this for years. However, i decided if i was going to feel the love of that many loved ones near once again i was going to have to become “Grandma” and have a good amount of kids like she did who will create that big family once again. Telling people we want 5 kids is always a funny conversation because we always get the looks of “Are you crazy”, but i just tell them our reasoning and stay positive because i wont let any one poison our happiness. I have had thoughts of what if we have more because we also do not use birth control we always start using protection after a baby but that all to soon fades away and we are left playing russian rullet which is why we have our 3 kids now all fairly close. I know God has a plan for every one and my family trys to follow the path openly. We have experienced so much togther and grown closer to God on our journy so i know through him we are successful. Keep up the blog I think it is awsome, you may have inspired me to write about my families journy for my kids to look back on and hear about their childhood.

    Bliss Hudgings

    1. Bliss,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement and for sharing about your family! I think it’s wonderful that you and your husband want 5 kids. I was the oldest of 5 and I loved being a part of a big family (most of the time). It’s sweet that you admire how your family was close and how everyone was gathered together before your grandmother passed. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting a big family for yourself. Children are a blessing, and I wish more people would see them that way.

      Continue to stay positive! I love how your handling the negative feedback you’ve received. It’s your family and your life, don’t let anyone make you feel like your crazy for wanting to have more kids. The best thing about children is there is no perfect number, its different for everyone. What’s right for you may not be for someone else. I hope you do start a blog or something to record your memories for your children to look back on. Everyone has a story that someone else can benefit from and your story may be the one someone needs to read. If you decide that is something you do want to do in the future let me know, I would love to help.

      Katherine 🙂

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