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Surprise! Wanted and Too Soon … I’m Pregnant?

This is the story of how I felt finding out we were pregnant with each of our children, and how they have blessed our family.

surprise-wanted-too-soon              ( Photos Taken by our amazing wedding photographer: Aubry Startin Photography)

My husband and I were just married and newlywed life was going good….for about 1 month until we found out we were PREGNANT!…It was a BIG SURPRISE! We had so many feelings, we were shocked, excited, scared and grateful.  

Surprised was definitely the way we and all our wedding guests felt. Especially since they had all just attended our wedding in February and here in April they were getting news we were pregnant. However it was exciting!

Surprise Wanted and Too Soon A Pregnancy Story |               Our first ultrasound at 11 weeks and our 3d ultrasound at 30 weeks.

Josh and I had dated for 3 years before we got married. We spent time traveling, exploring, mountain climbing and skydiving. We enjoyed just having fun as a young adventurous couple.

Surprise Wanted and Too Soon A Pregnancy Story |

Both of us felt that a baby was another exciting adventure for us to raise together. Though we were scared, because we were about to embark on a 18 year long journey in which we could never look back. We were extremely grateful that God had blessed us with a child, when so many couples don’t have that opportunity.

Surprise Wanted and Too Soon A Pregnancy Story |

For 10 long months I carried that baby inside me! Finally after he had been long overdue he arrived weighing a whopping 9 pounds! We were so happy and excited for the new member of our family.

While waiting for his arrival we felt prepared emotionally and physically. We were thrown two baby showers and were overwhelmed by all the gifts our friends and family had sent us. We felt very blessed and surrounded by love. When he finally arrived everyone wanted to see the new addition to our family.

Surprise Wanted and Too Soon A Pregnancy Story |                   (Photo On Left Taken By: Aubry Startin Photography)

We named him Harland Mack. Harland means “From The Land of Strength” and his middle name Mack means “Son of The Greatest” (my husbands idea) and he truly lives up to his name because he is one strong willed little boy.

Surprise Wanted and Too Soon A Pregnancy Story |               (Photos Taken by: Aubry Startin Photography)

After eight months Harland started to grow out of that “baby” stage and was exploring and crawling everywhere and he lost his “baby smell”. At the time I felt like he didn’t need me as much anymore. Not that he was taking care of himself, but he was interested in the world around him. He didn’t need my help to get around, and I longed for that baby stage again.

  Soon I realized I wanted another baby and a sibling for my son. Both of us knew we would want more kids eventually. Together we decided to have them while we are young and still have energy. So my husband and I agreed we both WANTED another baby and we started trying for a second child. After a few months I found out I WAS PREGNANT! . . . . .

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How Did you feel when you were pregnant with your 1st child?

How did people react to your news?

"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife
"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife
"Suprise! Wanted and Too Soon" Was our inital reaction to three different pregnancies within a 3 year time span! - #3under3 #momlife


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  1. Your pictures for this blog post are amazing!! They are all so gorgeous 💕💕 My husband and I just celebrated our daughters first birthday. The past 2 months we have been talking about trying to get pregnant with our 2nd child but we just found out my husbands brother and his wife are expecting their first child!! So we put a hold on trying for a couple months.

  2. Love this! We found out that we were expecting 3 months after we were married! It wasn’t really a surprise but at the same time we didn’t anticipate it being so soon haha! I couldn’t imagine life without my Judah! Great post!

  3. Oh my goodness, how fast!! Haha I LOVE it!!! We found out I was pregnant while we were still engaged..whoops! Almost didn’t fit in my wedding dress!
    I love this post, it’s great to really get an inside look into your life! 🙂

  4. What a precious little guy! My daughter is getting to where she is super independent and doesn’t need Mommy as much anymore…makes me sad and miss the itty bitty stage, but gotta keep talking myself out of that! No more babies here!

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