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The Arizona Bloggers Christmas Bash Recap - 2017 White Elephant Party

There's nothing like going somewhere for the first time to give you anxiety. Especially when it is a room full of your colleagues, or in this case fellow bloggers. The Arizona bloggers Christmas bash was the first of many gatherings, I hope to attend. This beautiful event was organized by the lovely Cathy Mini of the blog "Our Mini Family". 25 of us ladies with blogs and followings big and small gathered together for a night of Christmas fun. We…

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Sick Of Toys That The Boys Never Seem To Touch? Here Are The Top Ten Gifts Toddler Boys Will Actually Play With From A Mom Who Has Two Toddlers With Wayy Too Many Toys

  Somehow having two toddlers has led to my house being over run with toys. Seriously I have about every type of toy you could think of. Yes I am grateful my boys have grandparents and aunties who love to buy them gifts. However all of these toys don't always get played with. My toddlers are 1 and 2 years old so this gift list is fit for those in that age category. So here is a list of toys…

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Gingerbread Houses Made Easy- Frosting Glue Recipe Included! Gingerbread Houses Can Be Made Easy With A Silicone Mold. You'll Be Sure To Get A Perfect Gingerbread House Every Time. From

Gingerbread houses are adorable, sweet and make a fun edible Christmas decoration. However the house itself can be hard to make when you don't really know what proportions to make the wall pieces. I found a way to make a perfect gingerbread house every time. If you know me then you know I love going to Hobby Lobby for Christmas shopping. They have a great variety of things for every type of Christmas color combo you could think of. While…

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