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Are You A New Christian? Have You Recently Asked Jesus To Become Your Savior? Here's 5 Steps For The #newchristian Maybe You Dont Know What I'm Talking About. Are You 100% Sure If You Were To Die Today That Heaven Would Be Your Home? If Not.... The Best News You Will Ever Hear Is Just A Click Away! Don't Put Off For Tomorrow, What You Could Know Today- #Gospel #ShareChrist

Are you a new Christian? Have you recently asked Jesus to forgive you of your sin and become your personal savior? Do you know for sure that if you died today that heaven will be your home? If not I urge you to read this page here about how you can be absolutely positive that you’ll go to heaven when you die. If you are saved and you have asked for forgiveness of your sins and you're wondering what to…

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Are You 100% Sure That Heaven Will Be Your Home? Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered where you would go if you died today? Let’s say you were to die right now, are you 100% sure that you would go to Heaven, or do you have some doubt? Would you like to know how you can be absolutely 100% sure you are going to heaven when you die? Before I begin I want to tell you that God wants you…

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