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MODEST & FEMININE NAVY FLORAL OUTFIT My Favorite Thing About Getting Dressed Is Knowing All The Money I've Saved By Buying Thrifted Items. When You Shop At Thrift Stores To Add Pieces To Your Wardrobe You Can Often Find A One Of A Kind Or Vintage Item. In My Experience, These

  MODEST & FEMININE NAVY FLORAL OUTFIT My favorite thing about getting dressed is knowing all the money I've saved by buying thrifted items. When you shop at thrift stores to add pieces to your wardrobe you can often find a one of a kind or vintage item. In my experience, these "finds" have been my favorite pieces to wear. In this look below I am wearing a navy floral skirt by "TRAC". The brand couldn't be found online so…

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A Modest Outfit For Fall. See The Look Here.

(There are affiliate links in this post. If you click the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. However, the cost of the item is the same to you. You can find more information on my disclosure page.) Fall is my favorite season! I love the smell in the air and the cooler days. Well here in Phoenix it's still about 85 degrees, but it's still cooler than summertime.  Even though it's not as cold like…

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As A Mom I Like My Makeup Routine To Be Easy And I Have Found 5 Product That I Love Using. I Know You'll Love Them Too. They Help Me Get Ready In No Time At All! Come Check Out 5 Great Beauty Products To Make Life Easier.

( This post contains affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission for purchases made through links in this post. The price of each item is the same for you whether you use the links or not. Using affiliate links helps me to maintain this website. You can read my full disclosure here ) 5 BEAUTY PRODUCTS I'M LOVING RIGHT NOW: When it comes to makeup, I'm NOT a beauty professional that's for sure. I can barely pull off…

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