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DOE'S GOD CARE WHAT WE WATCH? You Don't Have To Look Far To Find Scriptures In The Bible That Talk About What We Should And Should NOT Look At. God Cares About Everything That Influences Us, Whether That Is Through Our Eyes, Ears Or Mouth. What We Watch On Tv And The Music We Listen To All Impact Us On Some Level. The Bible Says “I Will Set No Wicked Thing Before Mine Eyes: I Hate The Work Of Them That Turn Aside; It Shall Not Cleave To Me.” - Psalms 101:3 From This Verse We Understand Two Things. One, We Should Look At NO WICKED Thing. Two, If We Follow That Principal, Evil Will Not Cleave To Us. With This Verse In Mind We Should Always Check To Make Sure A Tv Show, Movie, Video Game Or Anything We See Has Nothing Wicked Or Evil In It. Each Of Us Should Also Consider Going Through Our Own Personal Movie Collection And Evaluate What We're Allowing In Our Homes.

DOE'S GOD CARE WHAT WE WATCH? You don't have to look far to find scriptures in the Bible that talk about what we should and should NOT look at. God cares about everything that influences us, whether that is through our eyes, ears or mouth. What we watch on tv and the music we listen to all impact us on some level. The Bible says “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them…

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